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Learn how to start a garden from the ground up. Plant an heirloom tree for your children to grow up with.  Join the local food movement.  Snip fresh herbs for dinner.  Plant a nibble garden for tiny chefs.  Watch the garden waking up in the spring.  Breathe in the fragrances of flowers and foliage.

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Make your yard a place that engages you and your family through all five senses.  Get outside and play.  Take little risks.  Blow bubbles.  Stomp in puddles.  Wiggle your toes in the sand.  Collect sticks and stones.  Chase fireflies on a summer night.  Have fun.


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Snuggle together in a hammock.  Watch the world from a hidden spot.  Plant gardens of native plants that nourish songbirds and butterflies.  Replenish the hidden life of the soil.  Reconnect with your children and to nature.  Use your little bit of earth to help heal the planet.

Read what clients have to say:

Catherine has taken a wild overgrown area and transformed it into a special place that children and adults alike gravitate toward: an open area for play, a secret forest path, a digging spot, a climbing tree, herbs to eat and flowers to wonder over.

– Paige A., Wellesley, MA

Catherine’s knowledge of native and invasive plants is impressive, and she has an innate talent for garden design that works with the natural forms of the land.  She had great suggestions for how to re-imagine our large and overgrown yard to make it safe and inviting for our toddler daughter, as well as beautiful and rewarding for us.

– John R. and Sarah W., Framingham, MA

Catherine is exceptionally professional and thorough.  She developed a wonderful plan for our property that took into account the style of our home as well as our outdoor needs.  We highly recommend her expertise as a way to take your landscaping to the next level.

– Katie G., Wellesley, MA

Catherine is a wonderful gardener. She has creative ideas, incorporates native plants, and is very knowledgeable about ways to keep gardens healthy and pest-free. She is very thoughtful about her gardening and pays close attention to detail. She’s a joy to work with!

– Darcy T., Natick, MA

Catherine is smart, thoughtful, detail-oriented and thorough.  But her greatest gift is her eye for creating beauty that appears unplanned and effortless.

– Mary B., Afton, VA

I got your information packet—it is exactly what I needed and I love having your write-up to refer to!  Very nice presentation, by the way.  You are obviously a professional!  I felt like I got so much out of our walk and am thrilled to have found a gem like you.

– Jennifer V., Wayland, MA

We just love how it is all turning out!  It’s such an enormous change, and we honestly couldn’t be happier!  Thank you so much for all of your hard work.

– Evie M., Wellesley, MA

I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful garden you designed.  It is truly an honor to have it named after me.  I love everything about it!  You clearly put a lot of thought into the beautiful (and fun) plants you chose.  I look forward to seeing children interact with it and enjoy it.

– Sue M., Wellesley, MA

Everything looks great – I’m very pleased with it all!

– Renee I., Wellesley, MA