Engaging natural play areas and gardens for children

Sweetgum Horticulture | Boston | Garden for Children

I can help create playful spaces within your landscape that will draw you and your children outside all year round:

  • A companion tree for each child to grow up with
  • Nibble gardens for tiny chefs
  • Caterpillar, nectar, birdseed and berry gardens
  • Sensory areas filled with “loose parts” like pieces of wood, seed pods and stones to stimulate imaginative play
  • Monarch butterfly “Waystation” gardens
  • Construction zones for toy trucks
  • Mud pie kitchens
  • Shallow water play and splashing areas
  • “Monkey bar” trees
  • Secret gardens

Keeping Safety in Mind

When creating gardens and play areas for children, my first concern is designing areas that incorporate landscaping Sweetgum Horticulture | Metro West | Herb Garden for Childrentechniques that reduce exposure to ticks, as well as lead contamination in the soil. In addition, I can examine your property for anything that might be a cause for concern, such as poison ivy, toxic garden plants, mosquito habitat and chemical use that might not be safe for children. I can leave you with a plan of action that addresses these issues so that you and your family can enjoy your outdoor living areas to the fullest.