Common-sense horticultural advice and hands-on techniques adapted to our local gardening climate

I have a bachelor’s degree in plant science and twenty years of experience working with plants professionally and at home. Over the years, I have shared my plant knowledge with a wide range of people: homeowners, garden club members, nursery professionals, my employees, school children, and neighbors and friends. Working with you in your own garden, I will teach you exactly what you want to learn. I can offer basic instruction for the beginning gardener, as well as higher-level skills to help the more experienced person garden like a professional. Having gardened in the Boston Metro West area for many years with the time constraints and tight budget imposed by young children, I can show you how to adapt the advice you find in gardening literature to your own time schedule, financial situation and micro-climate.


Grab your notebook and ask me all the questions you have about your own garden, like the best place to locate new beds, where to move plants that are not working for you, how to care for certain plants, etc.  Minimum of 2 hours.


Arrange a “Gardener’s Boot Camp” session with me for hands-on instruction in your own garden. We can cover skills like shrub pruning, perennial care, or starting a vegetable garden.  Minimum of 2 hours.

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