Engaging natural play areas and gardens for children

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I can help create playful spaces within your landscape that will draw you and your children outside all year round:

  • A companion tree for each child to grow up with
  • Nibble gardens for tiny chefs
  • Caterpillar, nectar, birdseed and berry gardens
  • Sensory areas filled with “loose parts” like pieces of wood, seed pods and stones to stimulate imaginative play
  • Monarch butterfly “Waystation” gardens
  • Construction zones for toy trucks
  • Mud pie kitchens
  • Shallow water play and splashing areas
  • “Monkey bar” trees
  • Secret gardens

Keeping Safety in Mind

When creating gardens and play areas for children, my first concern is designing areas that incorporate landscaping Sweetgum Horticulture | Metro West | Herb Garden for Childrentechniques that reduce exposure to ticks, as well as lead contamination in the soil. In addition, I can examine your property for anything that might be a cause for concern, such as poison ivy, toxic garden plants, mosquito habitat and chemical use that might not be safe for children. I can leave you with a plan of action that addresses these issues so that you and your family can enjoy your outdoor living areas to the fullest.

Living Gardens

The best children’s gardens are designed to appeal to children through all five senses. They are full of things to touch as well as see, and in many cases to smell, taste and hear. They often incorporate elements of surprise, irreverence or “topsy-turviness”. They attract things that fly and crawl, which further intrigue children. But the funny thing is, these are precisely the sorts of gardens that intrigue ME the most. So I don’t think they should just be called “children’s gardens”. Maybe “living gardens” would be a better term? Then we could all let ourselves enjoy them as much as children do!



Area of Service

Sweetgum Horticulture is serving clients in the Metro West communities of Boston, MA, including Wellesley, Weston, Newton, Needham, Natick, Wayland, Lincoln, Dover, Sherborn, Sudbury, and Framingham.

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Gift certificates are available for all of Sweetgum Horticulture's services. These make great birthday, thank-you or Mother’s Day gifts.

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